Mr. Dsilva Vijay

“I never imagined it would be such a smooth process, but I believe Alka Realtors were the key to our relief. Response time is very quick and provides door to door service so that his customer is not inconvenienced in any way. Knowledge and documentation check is very thorough and he does not mislead you in any manner. ”

Mr. Kishor Panchal

“Thanks so much for all the help in finalising the Partnership draft alongwith power of attorney for us. We didn’t think such wonderful customer service still existed in this day and age!

Your regular communication and assistance were very much appreciated. ”

Mr. Amol Chitnis

“ I would like to advice you of the great customer service I received from  Alka Realtors, and the service was prompt, and hassle free. ”

Manali Deshpande

“I’m always grateful to divine for having always nice people around me and now you are new addition in my contacts.”

Vijay Hariharan

I availed of Alka Realtors services & here are my comments:

The agreement drafting, stamping and registration were completed in a fast manner without any errors and both the parties i.e. us as Lessors and the other party as lessees were fully satisfied with the quality and speed of the service.

The overall explanation of the process and related charges, the stamping and registration happened meticulously. The charges were minimal as compared to a normal process in a Government office.

Both the parties were relaxed and did not have to go through the process of long waiting as an appointed time was given within which the whole process was completed.

Overall a nice experience and would recommend that everyone goes through the same.

Special thanks to Mr. Santosh Liman who is a knowledgeable professional and explains each part of the process with a real service attitude.

Gaurav G

I interacted with Alka Realtors through my lessee who had heard of them. The service they offered was seamless by coming home to register the leave and license agreement. The gentleman who came had knowledge of the process, was prepared with all our information and had technology (finger print scanner) which worked efficiently. I can only imagine how difficult it might be to connect to a government server and confirm finger prints from Aadhar card. I would also add that they were prompt in sending the registered agreement back to us. We did the process on a Saturday and the agreement was delivered, as promised on Monday. In India, delivering on promised date is a rarity and I would like that they continue with this high quality service.

Since the service offered by Alka Realtors is online registration, the only feedback I would like to give is to use internet data cards which are faster to expedite the process.

I would recommend their service to anyone who wants to get their leave & license agreement registered.