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Crack Injection


Rupture causes may be stresses from loads, residual stresses, etc., which exceed the local tensile strength of a component. The objectives of crack injection / crack repair are:

Close: Prevents the penetration of corrosive substances

Caulking: Elimination of crack- or cavity-related leaks of the component

Stretchable bonding: producing a limited stretchable, tight connection of the crack edges

Positive connection: Establishment of a tension- and pressure-resistant connection.

Horizontal Seal


The horizontal barrier (pressure injection) is a sealing system against capillary rising moisture. Basement rooms are increasingly being converted into living spaces. In order to meet this quality standard, in many cases a professional subsequent building sealing must be carried out in damp walls (wet-on-wet process). In the case of cavities, these are filled in advance with cement paste. The aim of the horizontal barrier is to constrict the capillaries in the building material and to prevent the further rise of moisture and reduce the moisture content in the masonry. The cavity filling and introduction of the horizontal barrier via the same packer system.

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Curtain Injection


A proven in practice retrofitting method in tunneling, for engineering structures, residential and industrial buildings, car parks, civil engineering and hydraulic engineering. The veiling injection with acrylate gel causes a sealing of earth-touched or earth-covered structures from the inside to the outside and the filling of patencies, such as cracks, flaws, cavities, joints. Appropriate injection technology and injection packers as well as a refurbishment concept created by the specialist planner ensure the success of the structural waterproofing.

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Surface Injection

With the surface injection, leaking components can subsequently be sealed from the inside to the outside. Depending on the building material and pore structure, a continuous sealing level is created in the component (masonry). By injecting suitable materials, such as low viscosity gels or resins, the transport routes responsible for the water are sealed.

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Injection Hose


Since the beginning of the 1970s injection hose systems have been used in practice as an alternative or in addition to joint tapes and joint plates for sealing. It is an injectable joint insert in tube or channel form. Subsequent leaks can be purposefully sealed by injecting polyurethane resin, acrylate resin, cement suspension or cement paste.

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Anchor Systems


The renovation of masonry requires exact knowledge of the conditions, such as building fabric, cause of damage, loads, etc., so that the optimal rehabilitation measure can be selected. The DESOI anchor systems are tested and available in the following versions.
The DESOI spiral anchor system is the ideal solution for the frictional connection of the cracks. It consists of the two components spiral anchor and spiral anchor mortar. With the AS170 stone and saw saw, the necessary cuts in the masonry can be made precisely to ensure perfect installation of the spiral anchors.

Injection Systems

Especially for use in mining, tunneling, civil engineering and special civil engineering, our range of injection systems. These include inflatable packers, hydraulic packers, U-ring packers, borehole closures, tension packers, ram injection lances, valve packers, sheet pile packers, etc. in various designs.

Inflatable Packers
Ram Injection System
Hydraulic Packers
Clamping packer

Wood Protection

Wood protection includes all measures that prevent the destruction of wood or wooden structures or an impairment. The infestation with real dry rot is a heavy Baumangel according to the Civil Code (BGB). As a rule, a superficial treatment is not sufficient, so that injection procedures are used.

Injection With Mineral Fillers

During crack repair with cement suspension and cement paste, cracked components are repaired by force-fit injection. The cracks are injected so that no water can penetrate after completion of the injection process. The injection material protects against the ingress of aggressive substances and prevents the corrosion of the reinforcement. Due to the frictional connection of the crack flanks, the load capacity of the components is restored.

Injection With Reaction Resin

Reaction resins can consist of one or two components that react chemically with each other. Initiators and accelerators are variously added as additional components .

Packer Technology For Crack Injection


  • Usable injection materials: resins, aqueous solutions, acrylate gel
  • Areas of application: crack injection, subsequent wall-sole sealing, horizontal sealing, surface injection
  • Injection pressure up to 200 bar (depending on component and material)
  • The use of a venting tool allows venting and level control of the crack
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